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How many points for chametz?

Pandora and I follow Weight Watchers, and have since “I” (meaning our second daughter, not the first person pronoun)  had her Bat Mitzvah. It’s worked out amazingly well for both of us. Pandora, who has always been quite a looker, is now fit and healthy as well as smoking hot.

As for me, well, my pants fit now.

In any case, I was dubious about how our Weight Watchers diet would blend with our new Kosher diet. To be honest, it’s been a non-issue. WW never espoused bacon-wrapped-shrimp as an important part of your breakfast, nor do they make it guilt-free to eat a big plate of Pfred’s Preferred Pfries. While it’s hard to make “eat in moderation and exercise” a sexy diet fad, the fact is that if you “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” you are as likely to be successful sticking to kashrut as you are Weight Watchers.

So imagine my delight and surprise when I found an email for Weight Watchers Passover Tips in my inbox this morning. While not exactly exhaustive, there are links to seder meals, lunches and general healthy recipes which are also Pesach-compliant.



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