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(Crosspost): Flame-broiled Kashrut

I was asked to deliver the d’var Torah this week at my synagogue, because it has to do with the laws of kashrut. I posted the text over on The Edible Torah. Here’s an excerpt:

Aaron and his sons complete the lecture part of their “Priesthood 101” course, and move on to start their lab work. Everything is going great: they’re slaughtering, splatting, smearing, burning and having a great time. Aaron comes out of the Mishkan, blesses the people, and God makes like a 4th of July show and consumes the burnt offering in a huge burst of fire. Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu rush forward, burn a little of their own “special blend” incense and WHOOSH, we’ve got crispy-friend kohain.

Moses says “You know, God did mention that something like this could happen if you aren’t careful.”

And then we get the rules about keeping kosher.

I found this all to be deeply and personally disturbing given the fact that, for the last few weeks, my family has been in the process of taking on the mitzvah of kashrut.

You can read the full text here.


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