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Recycle, Reuse, Re-Kasher?!?

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There was a time, which I can trace back to any moment before we decided to kasher our home, when the decision to buy something for the kitchen (whether an appliance or dishes or a utensil) focused solely on whether we needed it or not, and if the price was worth the benefit from the item. (so by my logic a hand-blender is worth its weight in saffron, while a hand-held grater is overpriced at $1.50).

But now?

Now we spend time (significant time, while other shoppers walk past us and wonder what there is to discuss, it’s a flipping crock pot!!) determining whether the materials it is made from not only ARE kosher, but whether the item in question can be re-kashered.

Why do we worry about such things? Because my wife – a good, kind, caring, intelligent, competent person – is saddled with yours truly as a kitchen helper.

Of my (admittedly limited) culinary vocabulary, the term I used most often is “oops”. Since converting our kitchen, the second most used phrase is “I’ll just put that over here now.”. I’m pretty sure the pot we use to kasher objects (coveted by many, apparently) is going to melt due to repeated heating/cooling as I re-boil items on an almost nightly basis.

For this reason, I’m not allowed anywhere near the new teflon pans and baking sheets. My wife is considering the purchase of cast iron cookware, not because she thinks it will prepare food better, but because it will be easier to fix when I mess it up.

Of course, I think she forgot that those have to be kashered with a blowtorch.

Now THAT is what I call cooking with gas!


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