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Thanksgiving – Kosher Style

It was our first kosher Thanksgiving this year. While we never find Thanksgiving particularly challenging from a cooking standpoint, keeping things kosher definitely added a layer of both challenge and meaning to everything we did.I’ll try to write about everything we ate – including recipes – but it will take a few posts to get it done. In this post I just want to summarize some of the highlights.

We’d never purchased a kosher turkey before, and there were pros and cons to it:

  • On the plus side, the INSIDE of the bird was cleaner than anything I’d ever seen. Not a drop of blood (which of course makes sense) and just a very clean cavity to stuff. Normally I’m rising and spot-cleaning for a while before we can add stuffing. In this case, that time was saved so I could pluck feathers…
  • And that was the minus side: there were far more feathers that had to be cleaned off the bird than with their non-kosher cousins. I’m told by Pandora that this is a requirement to somehow prove the bird is kosher. I don’t get the connection. Once I do, I’ll be sure to write about it.

Of course, everything that wasn’t the turkey had to be pareve. Soup, salad, and the veggies were fine. But we also made potatoes so out came the non-dairy butter and sour cream. All in all a non-event.

Desserts were probably the biggest difference but again, we’re pretty comfortable with dancing around dairy by now. It was just something that had to be considered.

Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving wrap-up, as well as Chanukah previews!


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