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Brit Challah

We are moving into a new house. While I might blog more about that later, I did want to comment that it makes for some interesting moments.

The kitchen in our new house is not quite up to the level that my wife prefers. While we have plans down the road to remedy that, for now we have to make do.

Which is what prompted a momentary heart to heart between my wife and our newly acquired (yet somewhat aged) oven.

“Let’s get this straight,” she was recently heard to whisper. “I know you’ve seen better days and you are probably tired. I’m not going to make you work too hard and I’ll find a nice retirement spot for you soon enough. But for right now, you and me need to work together to feed this family.”

“And you had better make good challah.”

For everyone’s sake, I hope the oven has the good sense to toe the line.


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