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Pride and Shame

As I’ve mentioned before (“Here There Be Dragons“), I’ve started traveling about once a month for my job. This means I’ve become a bit more sensitive to the availability (or lack thereof) of kosher eateries when I’m out and about.

Which is why a recent post  from Yeah, That’s Kosher (“The Remaining Kosher Subway Restaurants in the US“) caught my eye. As he reports, there used to be 12 (with 5 in NYC alone). Now there are 5 left.

This makes me feel sad, frustrated, and a little ashamed. It’s not like Subway is going out of business, just the kosher versions. What is it about kashrut that makes sub sandwiches such a losing proposition? Why does “kosher” seem to be such a barrier to success in a way that “Thai” or “Gluten Free” or “Vegan” is not?

It also makes me feel a little bit proud though. Because of the 5 cities listed, my town is on the list.


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  1. I actually think that sandwiches might be one of the more difficult places to succeed within the bounds of kosher. The average non-kosher consumer, let’s face it, wants that slice of Swiss cheese on their turkey sandwich, so a kosher sandwich shop is unlikely to develop a significant clientele outside of kosher-keepers, and unless the shop is in a region where the kosher community is large enough in itself to sustain it, that isn’t going to work. That still doesn’t explain why the ones in NYC went down, though…


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