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What is this about (now)

My family and I are orthodox.


We weren’t always. In fact, it was only recently that we really made the switch.

This blog is not about BEING orthodox so much as it is about BECOMING. About how we BECAME orthodox, about how we are still in that transformative process, and which (I suspect) we will likely always be. Becoming, I mean. We will probably always be in the state of becoming orthodox.

Because from what I’ve seen so far, even people who were born into 100% already totally orthodox families are also – if they are thinking and engaged and interested and curious – never the less in a constant process of becoming orthodox.

So whatever your state of becoming – wherever you are on whatever path you are walking – my hope is that you find some part of this that is familiar, and also some part which is challenging, which makes you a little uncomfortable. Maybe more than a little.

Because those moments of discomfort are also moments of growth.


About EdibleTorah

The EdibleTorah is dedicated to building vibrant Jewish communities by helping people set up their own Potluck Shabbat experience with family and friends.

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