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We are a Jewish family living in a suburb of midwest America  – married for 22 years, two girls and two boys ages 18, 15, 9 and 6 (forthwith referred to as H, I, J and K). My wife (whom I will refer to here as Pandora) and I have always been Jewish, and were raised in (Reform) Jewish settings where not much except the major holidays were observed.

While we have always enjoyed our Judaism – both the cultural heritage and the religious traditions – we were comfortable in our life as middle-of-the-road Reform Jews. We didn’t do too much, but we didn’t do nothing either.

That started to change about 8 years ago, when we began participating in a weekly, multi-family Friday night potluck experience (which you can find out more about by visiting The Edible Torah).

As our kids (especially H and I) got older and began participating in more immersive Jewish experiences (such as Jewish summer camp, Jewish teen choirs, and Jewish youthgroups) they began to ask about, and ask FOR, us to explore more traditions.

Yes, they asked us. One thing led to another, and soon we started talking about keeping kosher.

This blog is our the story of our transition to this VERY new and different level of Jewish committment. Everything else we have done has been (more or less) a “pick it up, try it, wait until it rolls around next week/month/year, and try again” kind of observance. Everything else we have done, we could just “put on our big boy (or girl) underwear” and get through it if it wasn’t 100% enjoyable.

Kashrut (keeping Kosher) is an every day, all day, always on my mind kind of mitzvah (at least it seems that way to me right now). It requires significant planning to start, has a learning curve to understanding, and often requires sacrifices you didn’t expect. Not everyone in our family is 100% on board with it, and we find each of us has ebbs and flows to our enthusiasm.

So stick around and join us as we take the plunge and see where it leads us.


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  1. Good luck on this journey. It’s rewarding and challenging at the same time. Loved the Marzipan story and have brought plastic tubs of them back with me as I ditched old shoes to make room in my luggage for them.

    Enjoying the posts….

  2. I think of having Kosher food as an invitation to Gd to join us at our table


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