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Kosher Kooking Karnival

Or maybe that’s Cosher Cooking Carnival?

Apparently, either way, there is one and it happens online every month.

It appears to be a collection of kosher- and Jewish-food-related links and snippets, and it jumps around from host-site to host-site from time to time.

Who knew?


I’m not doing this for my health, you know!

As we have spoken to different people – young families who grew up with the practice, single individuals who took it on after they moved out of their family home; people in our situation, where their Jewish Journey has taken them to this spot, it has become clear that everyone has their OWN reasons for keeping kosher. Each reason is significant, meaningful and most of all, connected to what that person wants out of life.

In other words, it’s a selfish decision.

You can’t start keeping kosher it to impress your Rabbi (or your buddy, or the cute orthodox guy down the street, or… you get the idea); You probably won’t be successful with it if you do it out of some empty sense of obligation to family tradition; You certainly shouldn’t consider it if you are bored on a Sunday afternoon and looking for an entertaining hobby.

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What this is all about, part 1: God

Like it says in the sidebar, this is not a “how to” guide – as in “how to keep kosher”, or “how to kasher your home” or even “how to move as a family from a non-kosher to a kosher lifestyle”.

While you might find tips and ideas you can take with you (I certainly HOPE you might!), the truth as I see it is that everyone’s dance with God’s commandments is a personal one. Trying to fit your two-step to match our bunny-hop is just never going to work.

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Let’s Start At…

According to my wife (“Pandora”) every story I’ve ever told features a few consistent elements:

  • it never starts at the beginning
  • it always involves exaggeration, hyperbole and fanciful reframing of the facts
  • it is usually funnier when I tell it than when it actually happened.

You have been warned.

So to say “Let’s Start At the Very Beginning” would be a lie. I never do. I’ll start where I am and work outward from there.

But I also want you to know that, as of this writing, some stuff has already happened. I’ll try to catch you up as fast as I can, without giving the good parts short shrift.